25 May 2012 N-Glycosylation Sites across Seven Species
N-glycosylation sites of A. thaliana, S. pombe, C. elegans, D. melanogaster, D. rerio and M. musculus are now available.
25 September 2011 PHOSIDA download section
Surrounding sequences and peptide sequences have been added to the downloadable datasets.
13 September 2010 PHOSIDA functionality
For each eukaryotic species, you can browse for posttranslationally modified proteins. This allows to list all proteins that were modified in a certain project. In addition one can set a gene ontology filter. This makes it possible to list all posttranslationally modified proteins that are localized in a certain cell compartment or have a specified molecular function.
24 August 2010 PHOSIDA functionality
Instead of Gene Ontology accession numbers, the cellular component and biological function names are now provided for each eukaryotic protein in PHOSIDA.
16 August 2010 Evolution of phosphorylation
We studied the evolutionary constraints of phosphorylation in eukaryotes, prokaryotes and mitochondria. To read the just published corresponding paper, click here.